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Our Events

March. 20, 2019

Yue Opera

With the professional tutoring from a first generation opera artist, we were introduced to the history and masterpiece of Yue Opera. Then it came to the main part, leaning the gestures of Yue Opera (walking, fingers, fan) and the lyrics of a classic scene of the opera “A Dream in Red Mansions”. In the end of the activity, every student even got a beautiful fan as a gift from the Yue Opera Troupe.

March. 7, 2019

Local Middle school Cultural Exchange

A brief tour at the specialized Chinese school to experience “Chinese education” atmosphere. Warm up game with Chinese students to set up the team for the cultural activity. Learned to make paper-cutting artwork, which is regarded as a traditional Chinese culture and an aesthetic way to express hopes and gratitude. Practiced calligraphy with a brush dipped in black ink and create own calligraphy artwork. The event ended with dumplings wrapping and tasting.

Jan. 24, 2019

Spring Couplets writing activity

At Chinese New Year, families in China decorate their front doors with poetic couplets of calligraphy written with fragrant India ink, expressing the feeling of life's renewal and the return of spring. There was an calligrapher taught our students how to use the brush to write the characters. We wrote our own spring couplets to greet the year of pig.

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