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Intensive Comprehensive Group

There are 2-6 students in one class from Monday to Friday, three lessons per day. This enables students to improve Chinese in a short period of time with concentrated classes and an efficient study plan.

Semester Comprehensive Course

A comprehensive course system includes speaking, listening, reading and writing with a reasonable timetable. Three days of classes every week and three lessons each time.

VIP Course

Private one-on-one course provides a tailored lesson plan and timetable meeting studentí»s study requirement and preferences.

Business Chinese

Help students adjust to use Chinese in business circumstance such as Business negotiation, consulting, business etiquette, meetings, exhibitions etc.

HSK Preparation

The HSK preparation course helps student pass and improve their score in all aspects of HSK effectively. All the class design and training are based on the HSK outlines.

Online Course

A mature online course system with comprehensive assisting resources provides students with a professional and effective online course with a super flexible class schedule.

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