We believe accommodation is a top concern when you decide to come to Hangzhou for study. We are more than willing to help you find the right place to live while you are staying with us. Here are three options we would like to recommend.


To stay with a host family is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in China and get closer to the modern Chinese society and family culture. All the host families are carefully selected with decent living quality and convenient commuting to school.

Price: 120-150RMB/day

NOTE: Not all families can speak English and some may have children at home. Please specify your requirements or preferable stay environment when contacting us and we will try to help you find the most suitable host family.


You will have an individual room with all of the amenities including a washing machine, fridge, air-conditioner, television, hot plate, bedding, internet-ready etc. The roommate might be your classmates from school or people from multiple background areas.

Price: 1500-3500RMB/month


As our school is located in the city center conveniently next to a subway station, there is a huge selection of hotels you can choose from. No matter an economic hostel or luxurious international brand, the transportation is usually convenient.

Price: 200-1200RMB+/day

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